Fornells horse racing, the only fully-integrated manufacturer for racecourses

Starting gates, PVC running rails, Paddock fencing, PVC crowd barriers, hurdles

Fornells is the Inventor of the horse PVC running rails for horse racing tarcks more than 40 years ago. To start with, The company installed the first running rails with the approval of the UK Jockey Club and the French Racing authority. After that, Fornells has developed numerous innovations and patents offering the widest PVC fence range.

Over all, Fornells is today the only fully-integrated manufacturer of uPVC running rail as well as starting gates. In addition, Fornells can advise, design and supply horse racetracks with his range of international equestrian equipments. For instance, PVC horse rails, Paddock fencing, Starting gates, PVC crowd barriers, PVC fence and hurdles are available.

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Starting gates, PVC running rails, PVC crowd barriers, PVC paddock fencing, Jumping hurdles

What makes Fornells a unique international supplier? First of all Fornells have Fully integrated production and an R&D department ready to customise products. Fornells also have a team of experienced and world-travelled engineers as well as an International Shipping department.

In addition Fornells is providing services all along the logistical chain. It is key to Fornells success in satisfying clients all over the world with the safest and best value racecourse equipments.

As a result, Fornells has satisfied more than a thousand racecourse and equestrian customers on all continents.


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