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Crowd Fencing

Fornells designs and manufactures a wide range of crowd protection barriers to make safe the areas where both people and horses are in close proximity. On top of the key crowd safety features, they offer a pleasing visual appearance consistent with the Fornells running-rail and paddock fencing. The range includes crowd barriers with close-mesh panels, crowd fencing with tubular infill panels, and handrails.

Fornells crowd fences are used on racecourses, equestrian centres and showgrounds, in mounting yards, winners enclosures, walkways and in front of and along the grandstands.

Fornells’ crowd-barriers can be installed with different heights, on a permanent basis with the relevant access gates, or on a temporary removable basis with easy-to-remove footings.

Crowd Barrier with Close-Mesh Panels

Made from the same long-life PVC materials as Fornells running rail, and available in different formats according to the location and available budgets, the rail is connected to the top of the posts whilst the mesh panels are fixed around the posts by a patented flanged-connector system.

Designed to be rigid, the mesh panels use a 5.5cm spacing between mesh, and 5mm diameter hard-grade galvanised steel wire that has been coated in white plastic. The panels are rib-formed to offer exceptional rigidity in case of kicking hooves.
This is our most robust fencing model where people and nervous pre-race horses can safely be present in close proximity.

Crowd Barrier with infill posts

This crowd barrier model combines the classic garden-fence-look with the high quality materials developed by our R&D engineers. The elastic infill posts are set in a reinforced railing to offer this classic fencing-look.
This crowd fence is often chosen for those classic looks and is particularly suited for parks and gardens.


Quick-to-install handrails made up of a horizontal running rail placed on regularly spaced vertical posts are often chosen to ring-off the boundary limits for the visiting public; they offer hand- or elbow-level relief for the visiting public to lean on.
This railing is the best value crowd boundary.

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

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