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Rail profiles

Fornells’ Range includes two distinct rail-profile designs that differ both by their internal structure, linear mass and their rail-to-rail joiner systems.
By mixing and matching products from these designs, our engineers can maximise safety and optimise value as a function of basic criteria:

- Type of track or arena (racing, training, jumping)
- Frequency and intensity of track use
- Surroundings: people and crowds; trees and bushes and other natural obstacles


Reinforced Safety Rail

The only running-rail available that incorporates an internally ribbed structure combined with a rail-to-rail joiner that’s as strong as the rail itself. These features ensure the highest safety-level in case of a collision on the rail by horse or jockey. During a high-speed impact, this rail bends inwards and then pushes back due to the elasticity of the PVC material, the high linear-mass value and the internally-ribbed profile. Together with strong rail-to-rail joiners, this system minimises the risk of the rail breaking open on impact.

Combined with the patented Collapsible Post, this system offers jockeys the highest-level of safety available for a racetrack running rail.

Preferred usage: high-speed danger areas, such as on the inner racetrack boundary, home-straights, final bends, narrow tracks. Many Group 1 racecourses choose this rail.

New: this rail is now available in an HD+ version that offers an even higher anti-UV resistance for both standard white rail as well as a range of colours available to personalise your racecourse.

Standard Safety Rail

The standard safety rail is a hollow PVC profile with end-in-end joiners. With a medium linear mass and a fast snap-fixing between the rail and posts, it is quick to install and easily moveable. It offers the best value.

Preferred usage: racetrack boundaries, mobile rails, outer boundaries, walkways, training tracks and gallops.

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

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