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First European 19-stall starting gate in CHANTILLY

March 2012

Chantilly (FRANCE):The new Polytrack uses the first 19-stall starting gate in Europe on its inaugural meeting on March 6th 2012.

Traditional utilisation on French racecourses as in the rest of Europe has been to use coupled starting gates of 14 and 8 stalls in order to meet the requirements of larger starting numbers. Three years ago Fornells equipped the Deauville racecourse with a one-piece 17-stall gate, the biggest so far delivered to a European club. So with only one starting machine instead of two, the width of the gate across the track is reduced by 2m for the same number of starters.

Following this experience, the Chantilly team designed their new synthetic track to receive a starting gate with 19 stalls, the first of its size in Europe. This optimised the infrastructure investment as the width of the new track could be kept down to 20 metres.

As at Longchamp, Deauville, Saint Cloud, Maisons Lafitte, Chantilly has now fully replaced their starting gates with assistance and assembly from Fornells.

See the Starting gates in action:

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