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The Footing is the item that anchors the base of the running-rail post to the ground. Fornells has developed a range of footings falling in two categories: moveable footings and fixed footings. The choice of footing depends on multiple criteria:

- frequency of rail movement,
- horse-jockey speeds,
- close crowd presence,
- and the ground constituency.

Safety Footing: Collapsible Post

The collapsible post system is the latest development from Fornells Innovation department and offers the highest degree of safety for a jockey falling into the post.

Developed in collaboration with jockeys and trainers, the post that holds up the running rail is designed to collapse when subjected to a direct high-speed impact particularly a falling jockey. This limits the collision effect on the jockey, and substantially reduces the injury levels that a high-speed impact may incur.

Tested on automobile safety-rigs by independent engineers DV-Experts, this system has passed the strictest approval criteria currently enforced by Australian authorities and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), formerly the UK Jockey Club.

The ground-anchor on this footing can be moveable or fixed.

Fixed Footing: Reinforced Plastic–Fuse

The PVC honeycombed infill tube, is a footing that can be directly fixed into the ground. Very economical, it remains an alternative to the traditional steel infill posts that are driven or concreted into the ground.

More flexible than a steel infill tube, it has the advantage of snapping at its base in the case of a major impact on the post. It is easy and inexpensive to replace.

Fixed Footing: Steel tube Footing

Traditional steel infill tubes are proposed by Fornells in galvanised steel and allow the plastic swan-neck posts to be very accurately positioned and thus the running-rail position makes a perfect track boundary. Its design allows an easy height-adjustment for the post in order to achieve fine alignment of the rail.

The steel infill offers a firm pushback for the running-rail and a long-term anti-corrosion solution.

Moveable footing: Steel T Post

This moveable steel footing allows an easy change of the running rail position for any of our rail profiles.

Made from galvanised steel, this footing can easily be driven then retrieved from the turf track in order to move the posts and hence the running rail line. Its wide base gives it ample stability. Its design allows an easy height-adjustment for the post in order to achieve fine alignment of the rail.

This footing is particularly recommended for soft grounds.

Moveable Footing: Quick ‘n Install

Quick’n install is a moveable footing for use with the Standard Safety Running Rail swan neck posts: it is easy to move and has no steel apparent above the ground. It is recommended to install this with the PVC honeycombed infill post to improve overall safety.

It represents the best value for a mobile footing.

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

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