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Fornells new light rails for economical installations

December 2012

Fornells designed a new system of rail for economical installations. This system has been developped to answer to more and more request of our customers to get a running rail witch is able to be used as a permanent rail for training track or some racing tracks and to be easly moved for maintenance of the track or to protect part of the track.

Our design office, developped a new post and a new joiner to our light rail with the feed back and experience of our historical users of the previous system. The main objective was to improve the stonghness of the system, to make it easier to remove whithout any extra cost for the final user.

The first feed backs we have are very positive. From the return of the final users, the new system make their work easier. They also appreciate the new aestetic.

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

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