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Providing services all along the logistical chain is key to Fornells success in satisfying clients all over the world with the safest and best value racecourse equipment for over 40 years.

The service chain includes:

- Pre-project specification advice and design
- Shipment and handling
- Intallation supervision and quality control
- After-sales service and parts supply.


Advice & Design

Your Fornells contact is a fully qualified engineer who can be consulted at every stage of your project. With a reference database of more than a thousand Fornells installations on racetracks, training tracks and equestrian centers from around the world and are able to provide advice on the most appropriate running-rail and equipment installation corresponding to any specific requirement. During the pre-project preparation work, we can work directly on the architectural plans of a new site or provide a 3-dimensional layout design for an existing site. Products are proposed from the widest-range available, and installation techniques are advised on the basis of best-value for every given area of the site.

Shipping & Handling

Wherever your location is in the world, Fornells International Shipping department will find the most appropriate route of delivery. Over the road, by sea container or by air-freight, we can supply either the best-value shipment or in certain cases the fastest method of forwarding our products to your door.

According to the delivery route, Fornells will ensure that all the vehicles are packed with optimum effeciency; and with an international customs terminal on the factory doorstep, we also ensure that the paperwork is transmitted smoothly.

Installation & Quality Control

Fornells provides customised installation services and support according to the choice of the client. All products are delivered with detailed self-installation instructions but in many cases clients will choose to be supported:

- Hotline assistance: our self-installation instructions are mainly easy-to-use visual guides with a minimum written instruction in English language; any difficulties can be resolved within 24 hours over the phone or by email with our sales engineers.
- On-site supervision: direct on-site visits by our engineers can be included in the sales package, to offer hands-on installation training to local teams and ensure world-class quality approval.
- Direct installation: an international network of Fornells Qualified Installers can offer direct installation services

After-sales Service & Parts

Fornells unique record of satisfying horse-racing clients for 40 years signifies a consistent approach to supplying replacement parts and being on-hand when required even years after installation.

Similarly, carrying out extensions or modification to existing installations many years later is never a problem, as all generations of the Fornells product range remain compatible.

Safety upgrades are also available in order to keep an existing installation at top international levels.

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

Phone : +33 (0)1 64 08 05 16 - Fax : +33 (0)1 64 08 27 73 - mail : information@fornells.com