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New paddocks for the Royal Federation in Morocco

June 2013

The 28th week of the horse was held from the 1st to the 7th of July at the Royal equestrian complex of Dar Es Salam in Rabat.

For this occasion, the Royal Moroccan Federation for Equestrian Sports (FRMSE) decided to make major modifications of their equipments and installations. They asked FORNELLS to install PVC paddock fencing around the two mains arenas and wood paddock fencing all around. In a very short time of 2 months FORNELLS completed this work to be ready just in time for the competition.

The Royal Moroccan Federation for Equestrian Sports (FRMSE) under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, experienced the programming of several competitions counting for the championship Morocco endurance (60km, 100km), dressage and show jumping. This edition has also been marked by the organization of the Morocco Cup "intermediate-senior", open to riders holders federal "A" and "B" licenses. The week of horse-2013 brings together the best riders and horses in the junior classes, seniors (men and women) and Special Olympics.




Major Safety improving in Warsaw, Poland.

May 2013

Many international turf clubs such as Singapore, Longchamp, Madrid or Doha have already used Fornells PVC running rails with moveable footings. On each racecourse a specific system was designed for each configuration of ground density, moving frequency, spacing.

More recently, Fornells has developped standardised systems to answer a wider usage of moveable rail. Working with regional racecourse juridictions a range of products is now available to fit each requirement.

"Tor sluzewiec" racecourse in Warsaw, Poland- Europe, uses now our light rail moveable system witch offers both the saftey features of a plastic rail and an easy system to move. They already moved it several times for their races in june and thanks Fornells for the efficiency of our products.




New Stud farm in Abu Dhabi

April 2013

A new Stud farm for jumping have just been completed in Abu Dhabi. The Mandara stud farm is going to be one of the main reference in the United Arabes Emirates. The owner designed this farm to prepare young horses to the competition but also to organize international competitions. Each equipment ( sand, walker, stables, paddocks ) comes from the best international companies and the facilities are made to receive owners and trainers in very good conditions.

FORNELLS supplied a complete range of PVC paddocks fencing to be adapted to:
+ The main arena witch can be divided in three parts for training or one part for competition.
+ The preparing arena
+ Rest arenas
+ walker

This installation of PVC paddock fencing designed and produced by FORNELLS guarantee the best level of safety available on the market place with a very long life span in every weather conditions.





March 2013

In progress



New flat racecourse in Lithuania !

February 2013

In order to improve the safety of public, jockeys and horses on Raseiniu racecourse. The Jockey club of Lithuania decided to rebuild completely the grandstand and the tracks in Raseiniu.

The Jockey club awarded UAB "Raseiniu statyba’’ company to carry out the project.

As manufacturer and designer of running rail, paddock fencing and starting gates, Fornells, Lithuania Jockey club and Raseiniu statyba worked in partnership to design and maximize the safety for tracks. The Fornells new light rails has been chosen to equiped both tracks.

The railing system will be installed by the end of March, and the new flat and training tracks will be ready for this summer !

Jockey club of Lithuania website



Fornells supplier of Swedish National Day Gallop

January 2013

A few months ago, Fornells engineer’s team was contacted by the Swedish Jockey Club for a special request.

On the 6th June, for the National day of Sweden, the Club organise a "one day race event" in Gärdet fields in the center of Stockholm named "The National Day Gallop". For such a race, the staff must install all the running rail one day before the race and uninstall it the day after ! And, of course, the railing system must be very safe because of the important crowd expected for the race !

That’s why, Fornells engineers and the Swedish Jockey Club customized the most moveable Fornells ground fixing combined with a reinforced rail profile and moveable safety joiners to match with the project’s needs



Fornells new light rails for economical installations

December 2012

Fornells designed a new system of rail for economical installations. This system has been developped to answer to more and more request of our customers to get a running rail witch is able to be used as a permanent rail for training track or some racing tracks and to be easly moved for maintenance of the track or to protect part of the track.

Our design office, developped a new post and a new joiner to our light rail with the feed back and experience of our historical users of the previous system. The main objective was to improve the stonghness of the system, to make it easier to remove whithout any extra cost for the final user.

The first feed backs we have are very positive. From the return of the final users, the new system make their work easier. They also appreciate the new aestetic.


First Equestrian exhibition in Saudi Arabia

November 2012

Fornells was present for the first Horse exhibition in Saudi Arabia from the 6th to the 08th of November 2012.

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Ahmed bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and supported by Arabian horse organization , THE Saudi exhibition for hunting and equestrian (SEHE) was the first dedicated consumer and trade event in Saudi Arabia for hunting and equestrian.

They was looking to organize this event from the past 3 years due to the the habits and traditions in Saudi Arabia. The programmed for events accompanying the Exhibition included many varied traditional and cultural events about hunting & equestrian.

Fornells was presenting his new range of products as running rails, paddock fencing and starting gates. Private owners and equestrian federation showed us a very high interest to improve there existing equipments. Fornells experience in middle East and especially for stud farms as Al Khaledia farm in Saudi Arabia was appreciated.

Pictures of Fornells installation in Saudi Arabia


QATAR new starting gates for private stud

October 2012

FORNELLS just supplied a new starting gates to Al Jeryan Stud, training center owned by Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Emir’s court of Qatar, located in the North of Doha. This starting gate has been installed to be used on the main track of the training center.

This 12 stalls starting gate have been manufactured to meet customer requirement on the Arc de Triomphe starting gates specification basis.
It is fully padded, equiped with electric start and mechanical stainless steel operating system.

FORNELLS team is proud to be the first choice supplier in Qatar.


New installations in Penang, Malaysia

September 2012

Fornells products have just been awarded to upgrade PENANG TURF CLUB (PTC) Outside Main Turf Track last turn.
Out-Post Paddock fencing system have been erected in the last turn of the main track to increase safety in this area of the track. This brand new product have been designed by Fornells engineer to increase the strenght of a usual in-post paddock fencing system by using our famous reinforced rail as a plank assembled onto a reinforced rectangular post.

We would like to thanks again PTC for their support and confidence during the last 20 years.

Please visit PTC website


Moveable rail trend in Europe

JUNE 2012

Many international turf clubs such as Singapore, Longchamp, Madrid or Doha have long used Fornells PVC running rails with moveable footings. On each racecourse a specific system was designed for each configuration of ground density, moving frequency, spacing.

More recently, Fornells has developped standardised systems to answer a wider usage of moveable rail. Working with regional racecourse jurisdictions a range of products is now available to fit each requirement.

In Europe for example, a light rail moveable system now offers both the saftey features of a plastic rail and an easy system to move. It is currently being rolled out at many racetracks in France ( Fontainebleau in May, Bordeaux in June, Marseille in September).


...Asian Racing Conference...RCA Awards...

May 2012 Upcoming Events

...News... Meet FORNELLS Engineers at the 34th international Asian Racing Conference in Istanbul between the 17th and 20th of July. They would be delighted to take some time and discuss any equipment and running rail questions you may have...News...

...News...Congratulations to the teams at Newmarket, Musselburgh and Fontwell that have received this years UK’s RCA Groundstaff Awards sponsored by Fornells...News...


Running rail collapsible post: first in Europe

April 2012

Compiegne (FRANCE): The first installation in Europe of the patented Collapsible Post running rail system has been installed at the Compiegne raceclub.

In a move to surpass the traditional plastic rail safety standards, the French club was particularly keen to improve the jockeys risk of serious injury on moveable rail, and decided to fund the installation of the new rail incorporating posts that collapse on impact whilst the rail stays intact.

The new Fornells Collapsible post and running rail incorporates 5 patented technologies and has been extensively adopted on Australian tracks and approved by the BHA. It remains fully compatible with all the pre-existing Fornells rail installed over the last 15 years on the Compiegne track.

More informations on page http://fornells.com/Footings,6


First European 19-stall starting gate in CHANTILLY

March 2012

Chantilly (FRANCE):The new Polytrack uses the first 19-stall starting gate in Europe on its inaugural meeting on March 6th 2012.

Traditional utilisation on French racecourses as in the rest of Europe has been to use coupled starting gates of 14 and 8 stalls in order to meet the requirements of larger starting numbers. Three years ago Fornells equipped the Deauville racecourse with a one-piece 17-stall gate, the biggest so far delivered to a European club. So with only one starting machine instead of two, the width of the gate across the track is reduced by 2m for the same number of starters.

Following this experience, the Chantilly team designed their new synthetic track to receive a starting gate with 19 stalls, the first of its size in Europe. This optimised the infrastructure investment as the width of the new track could be kept down to 20 metres.

As at Longchamp, Deauville, Saint Cloud, Maisons Lafitte, Chantilly has now fully replaced their starting gates with assistance and assembly from Fornells.

See the Starting gates in action:


New running rails for the Vilnius trotting course

February 2012

Vilnius (LITHUANIA) : The Lithuanian Trotting Union decided to totally rebuild Vilnius racecourse in order to meet international standards. As part of this project, Fornells was awarded supply of all the outside running rail.

This new racecourse announces a promising future for Lithuanian trotting and Fornells is proud to be a partner.



New horse fencing for the Jean-Paul Gallorini Stud

January 2012

Fornells equipped the Jean Paul Gallorini Stud with its safe horse PVC fencing system. The team worked during two weeks on site ( next to the racecourse at Maisons Laffitte ) to fully renovate the paddock area and the lunging ring. The ground has been levelled and the surface has been replaced before installing the fencing.

From Europen Trainer online:

Jean-Paul Gallorini is one of French racing’s great characters. From humble beginnings, the man from Marseille has been champion National Hunt trainer 11 times in his career, and has won the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris (French Gold Cup) an impressive four times.

At the end of last year, Gallorini announced...(he) has no plans to retire yet. His Maisons-Laffitte base is currently home to the same number of horses.



Fornells Running Rails on new CHANTILLY track

December 2011

Chantilly (FRANCE): Trials have begun just before Christmas on the new Polytrack at the Chantilly racecourse after a number of months of works that started just after the summertime Diane Grand Prix.

Mathieu Vincent, the course manager, commented: "the new track, which will allow Chantilly to extend its season, performed very similarly to the highly acclaimed polytrack at Kempton Park (UK)." Both this new track and Kempton utilise Fornells fixed rails with frangible plastic footings thus avoiding above-ground steel.

The new rails incorporate the latest Fornells patented HD-technologies, with long-lasting acrylic skin and double-strength rail to rail joiners thus enhancing safety.

Further info (french):http://www.courrier-picard.fr/courr...


All new MORPHETTVILLE Parade Ring

November 2011

Morphettville (SOUTH AUSTRALIA ): Management at Allan Scott Park made the decision earlier this year to revamp their Parade Ring and Walkways with new plastic safety railings and crowd barrier.

Fornells won the competitive tender for supply of a full range of protective barriers with close-knit mesh as well customised gates for the walkways. Barriers and gates are all toppped with Fornells plastic safety rail.

Jason Paech, Operations Manager, said: "this revamp was possible using Fornells retrofit techniques that avoided major demolition work, and thereby allowed racing to carry on uninterrupted during the spring carnival period".


Swiss Jockey Club Grand Prix runs on state-of-the-art rails!

October 2011

Zürich (SWITZERLAND): A full rehab of the Dielsdorf club was decided by the new owners who requested that Fornells replace the 25 year old metal rails with the latest state-of-the-art PVC running rails.

Fornells engineers took charge of this operation firstly defining the most adapted products to replace the steel rail on the racetrack and the aluminium rail on the training track and walkways. Delivery was made within 8 weeks and Fornells trained the local installation team that worked non-stop to complete the work before the big raceday!

The new installation complying with latest international rail standards allowed the 2011 racing-season to conclude with international star jockeys at the prestigious Swiss Jockey Club Grand Prix on September 25th. The new management at Dielsdorf said that "With the Fornells safety rails we are now able to invite international horses and jockeys to the Zürich races."



Fornells collapsible post technology for new Tasmanian synthetic track

September 2011

Devonport (AUSTRALIA): After tendering for the replacement of all existing metal rails on their racetracks, the racing authority in Tasmania has selected Fornells heavy duty reinforced running rail with collapsible posts. The new running rail technology developed by Fornells incorporates the patented collapsible post invented by Australian racehorse trainer Ray Borg.

To combat the high UV environment in Australia , the new rail incorporates Fornells patented co-extrusion technology that protects the rail from the harsh Australian environment and can also be used to demarcate the last straight in bright colours such as red, blue or yellow.

The first Tasmanian track to receive the new rail design is the newly constructed Tapeta synthetic track at Devonport. The rail was installed in time for the opening race meeting conducted on September 4; the racing managers described the technologies employed for this new track as "cutting edge".


Safety and looks with Fornells plastic running rail

July 2011

Belgrade (SERBIA): Fornells service partner in Serbia won the public tender initiated by the Sports Ministry in order to upgrade to international standards the running rail at the Belgrade racetrack.

After complete demolition of the outdated steel rail and barriers, the new Fornells plastic running rails and crowd barriers were installed around the track, the winners enclosure and infront of the grandstand.

The racetrack manager commented: "With the help of the Fornells engineers we were able to get the entire site re-vamped on schedule for racing on August 7th; and on top of the added safety aspect, it gives the site a brand new look."



Fornells-sponsored RCA AWARD FOR SALISBURY

June 2011

Salisbury (UK): RCA Groundstaff Award, sponsored by Fornells, has been won by Salisbury racecourse for the second time in three years in the Flats category!

The Race Course Association’s new chairman Ian Barlow commented during the (rainy!) June 12th raceday ceremony that it’s good to see the track staff getting praised for their dedication to making it happen. And after an unusually long dry spell this spring, and then torrential downpours on the day, the turf at the Bibury club remained in great shape for another great raceday!

"We are delighted to be involved in the sponsorship of the UK Groundstaff Awards, an opportunity to show appreciation to the professionals dedicated to achieving the high standards required at racecourses today," said Mark Windridge, Managing Director of Fornells. "The hard work and commitment are rarely noticed within the racing industry on a day to day basis, so the annual Groundstaff Awards put a spotlight on this dedication and are a significant event within the racing year."

So once again, congratulations on their outstanding care to Jeremy, Richard and their Bibury club team from co-sponsors Fornells, ALS/Pitchcare.


Fornells Rail At Brisbane Carnival!

May 2011

Brisbane Australia:
Despite widespread flooding impacting a number of racetracks across Queensland earlier this year, Racing Queensland is taking the lead in installing the safest plastic running-rail available in Australia! Doomben Racecourse has installed Fornells running rails around its main track for use during the Brisbane carnival. An exclusive collapsible post conceived by Australian trainer Ray Borg and developed by Fornells is a key component in the ground breaking running rail system. This new rail system has achieved the highest safety rating of any running rail available in Australia.

"Plastic running rail is utilised extensively in many international jurisdictions and has been installed throughout Victoria, with many of the other national jurisdictions considering a trial or installation ..." said RQL facility maintenance and development manager Warren Williams.

"We are delighted by RQL’s decision to install our premium running rail product at Doomben, making Queensland the third state to be using Fornells innovation-packed rail" commented Fornells Australia MD, David Hawke (contact: +61 413 590 209 or david.hawke@fornells.com ).


40th new starting gate for FRANCE GALOP

April 2011

Longchamp (FRANCE): Over summer 2011, a third delivery of starting gates will be made on the France Galop racecourses (Longchamp, Chantilly…) to complete a total order of 40 units initiated in 2009.

These premium gates have been exclusively customised to France Galop’s stringent safety and reliability requirements with all-round padding, extra-high overhead clearance, stainless steel doors and fat turf-tires.

Fornells engineers have assembled and installed these gates with France Galop’s groundstaff and have accompanied the starts of numerous Group 1 races including the prestigious Qatar Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp.

Further info (french): http://www.france-galop.com/Deauvil...



January 2011

Innovation-packed rail for New South Wales (Australia)

Gosford (Australia) will become the first track in New South Wales to utilise a plastic running rail at its race meeting on December 28 2010.

The new Fornells rail incorporates 5 patented technologies and will ensure increased safety for jockeys and horses at all Gosford race meetings. An exclusive collapsible post conceived by Australian trainer Ray Borg and developed by Fornells has been incorporated to the rail system.

A team from Fornells Engineering department assisted the Gosford groundstaff to install the moveable rail in the three days leading up to Christmas.

“The Gosford Race Club is well aware of the safety improvements for jockeys and horses that a plastic running rail can provide,” stated Gosford Race Club chief executive James Heddo.

"Fornells was the first to install plastic rail in Victoria (at Geelong) so its good to see this innovation-packed running-rail be the first to be introduced in NSW." adds Fornells Australia MD David Hawke ( contact: david.hawke@fornells.com ).



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