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Off-Post Rail system

Our patented OFF-POST fence has been designed for horse enclosures with active areas such as jumping and show arenas, cantors, walkways where jockey safety and crowd protection is vital.

The key feature of the Off-Post Rail is that it is a continous rail all around the inside of the enclosure avoiding contact and or impact between horses or jockeys and the Posts. Utilising our reinforced racecourse Running Rail it is fully compatible with our heavy-duty Racecourse safety systems.


Why Off-Post Rails

The traditional Fornells In-Post style ensures very heavy-duty fencing but when there is an ultimate safety and low-injury requirement such as areas for mounting, riding and training horses, or areas where people or crowds stand close to the fences, or just in the case of high-value nervous horses, the Fornells Off-Post Rail avoids all contact between the actual posts and their edges, the railing remains smooth and continuous just as on a Racetrack.
Our Racetrack experience has allowed us to incorporate the most stringent criteria into the design and testing of our Post and Rail fencing. Our Off-Post Rail system utilises the world renowned Reinforced Running Rail fixed off the post on 2 or 3 or 4 or even 5 levels! This Off-Post unique design:

- DOUBLES the mechanical resistance and toughness of the fence;
- Provides a continous rail without post edges
- Preserves the flexibility of the plastic “bumper” effect.

According to specific requirements, our engineers are available to advise on the right components (Post height, number of Rails, type of Ground footing and installation), the overall layouts with turns, corners, gradients, steps, and the necessary openings and gates.

Please contact our engineers for design and layout services.

Post and Rail Fence: Ground Footings

Anchoring the post to the ground is the base criteria for a strong fence. The Fornells Post system is fully compatible with the entire range of ground footings used by our Running Rail systems.

Whether the requirement is for a concreted steel anchor, or a hammered plastic spigot, even a removeable metal spigot: we provide a range of anchoring solutions that have been tried and tested for over 40 years!

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

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