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Post and Rail Fence Layout

What makes a good paddock fence layout? Taking into account the available ground space, the people and/or crowd presence, the horse activity within the enclosed area, mounted horses with jockeys in riding areas or simply a relaxation area, such parameters determine the safety criteria for a paddock fence.

The number of rails, the rail-height spacing and the post-width spacing all contribute to the mechanical resistance of a Post and Rail paddock fence. In many cases the traditional style Rail In-post system will offer sufficient resistance for the international safety criteria that Fornells promotes.

Specific areas requiring higher safety such as in the riding areas or for small multiple paddock areas that are close by one another, for nervous or higher-value horses, or on walkways or gallop areas the Fornells unique Off-Post Rail has been developed and patented. This uses the reinforced Running Rail “bumpers” fixed to the outside of the Post and maintains a continuous bumper rail all around the inside of the enclosure: this avoids any impacts or contact with the Post edges and ensures maximum flexibility and resistance incase of impact and reduces injury risk to both horse and rider.


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