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Rails & Gates

Over many years, Fornells has adapted its range to 1000’s of specific applications. Such products as Double T Rail, Self Stable Rail, Slip Rails and all types of access Gates are readily available products made in-house at the Fornells factory. The entire range offers full visual compatibility to enhance the architecture of equestrian sites.

Double T Rail

In this configuration, two parallel rails are connected to a single upright post.

Fornells’ double T Safety Rail is available with both Standard and Reinforced Rail profiles; double rail is usually used to separate two track areas:

- Minimising the space-width between the two tracks;
- Only needing one single post and footing to hold up two rails;
- Enhancing the field visually.

Self Stable Rail

In this configuration, Rail is connected to posts on a counter-weighted structure that is not anchored to the ground. This allows it to be quickly displaced and installed.

Applications for self-stable rail include enclosing the starting area, or railing off the gaps at the end of the starting chutes of the racecourse. Its also an appropriate solution for temporary arenas.

Gates & Access Openings

The access ways to the racetrack have to cross through rail openings; these openings can be simple open & close sections of rail known as Slip-rails or fully-anchored Gates.

Slip-rails can be sliding type or totally removable.

Fornells manufactures in-house an entire range of Gates that allow a continuity with the running rail and offer different operational modes (Swing, swivel, swing & swivel, sliding, pivoting etc.)

Fornells custom makes its gates in its own steel workshop, they are made to measure using highest-grade steel and white powder-coated polyester paint to ensure long-life in the outdoors.

Other rails

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

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