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Reinforced Safety Rail

The Reinforced Safety Rail is the World N°1 running rail, used on world-class racecourses that utilise their tracks intensively. It combines ease of installation, an adjustable alignment for both fixed position and moveable rail, and the highest level of safety for a PVC running rail.

This running-rail is made up of three basic components:
- an internally-ribbed, high-density rail profile,
- a rail-to-rail reinforced joiner,
- a moulded rail-to-post connector.

The latest innovation of this model has been the introduction of the Heavy Duty (HD and HD+) versions that increase the product lifespan both in terms of safety and UV-resistance. Coloured rail offering UV-resistance is now available.

Innovative Rail Profile

Contrary to hollow rail-profiles, the Reinforced Safety Rail incorporates ribbed reinforcements inside the profile and thus offering an exceptional combination of strength and elasticity for pushing back a high-speed horse impact.
The rear-side of this rail-profile incorporates all the necessary openings for fitting the rail-to-rail joiners and the rail-to-post connectors. As these openings are continuous along the rail, the rail may be cut to any length and the posts fixed at any location, thus facilitating the installation.

Rail-to-Rail Reinforced Joiner

As the running rails are assembled end-to-end to form a continuous boundary, the rail joiner is a key safety item ensuring that the strength and resistance features of the rail remain continuous: thus the rail acts like a plastic "bumper" that pushes back when impacted. The joiner also has to allow for a varying degree of thermal expansion of the rail.

The Reinforced Joiners are patented designs available for both fixed or moveable rail systems, and offer the strongest rail-to-rail connections available.


Rail-to-Post Connectors

This injection-moulded component ensures that the rail is fixed onto the posts by an easy snap-fitting; these can be unsnapped with the same ease thus facilitating the installation and moving process. Different models exist to suit the type of rail installation (fixed or moveable footing).

This best-selling design avoids drilling or routing holes into the rail thus preserving the integrity and therefore the strength of the running-rail.

Please request advice from our engineers on the most appropriate choice of Running Rail and components.

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