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Running Rails

Fornells Running Rails are made up of 3 major components: the Rail profile, the Posts (holding up the rails), and the Ground Footing (fixing the posts to the ground).

Fornells invented the original PVC running rail over 40 years ago and is the N°1 manufacturer worldwide. The Fornells Running Rail is used the world over on the foremost horse racing and training installations.

How does a Fornells Running Rail work?


Running “Guide Line”

Running Rails mark out the boundary of a racetrack and act as the guide-line for horses and jockeys.
Each Fornells Rail is easy to adujst for fluctuating ground levels, meaning that Fornells Running Rails are usually straight and level-adjusted.
This guide-line is designed to minimise breaking-up or collapsing when a horse impacts it, to minimise the risk of injuries to both horse and jockey.

Safety “Bumper”

Fornells was the first manufacturer of uPVC running rails, and has developed a plastics engineering know-how that is unique worldwide. Avoiding steel and aluminium rails, and using only the highest-grade PVC’s for all our range of rails, Fornells ensures the strictest safety standards for its rails.
For each section of the racetrack, Fornells will suggest the most suitable product to ensure the maximised safety options for public, jockeys and horses.

Resistance Standards

Fornells Running Rails range from either heavy-duty honeycombed to hollow medium-weight profiles depending on the resistance and safety levels required at any specific section of a track, gallop, cantor or walkway. Our product range meet all the highest current international safety standards.
Fornells has 40 years of experience in advising you on the most appropriate system for your track.

Fixed or moveable

Depending on the layout specification, the ground footings and rail-joiners allow Fornells running rails the ultimate in ease of installation and moveability; groundsmen around the world have praised the Fornells footings and joiners that have undergone continual improvements during 40 years of working with racecourse groundsmen.
Whether used as a permanent or moveable guideline, Fornells easy-to-handle rails do not compromise on safety performance.

Full Range of Running Rails

Fornells manufactures and supplies different products to match your specific mix of requirements be it for private gallops or for Group 1 Racecourses.
By matching product to the assessed risk, the mix of different products from our range will optimise the value of your investment.



Fornells is the only supplier of Running rails to manufacture the product in-house contrary to other suppliers who are drainpipe resellers or outsource their manufacturing. Fornells does not use recycled plastic due to the strict standards required. However all the materials used are recyclable, heavy-metal free and meet the most stringent European automobile “ecological” standards.
By controlling the quality ourselves, Fornells offers credible guarantees of easy maintenance and UV-protection and the longest useful lifetime to its products.

Industrial Protection

Fornells has been the worldwide N°1 running rail supplier for 40 years by continually innovating. The products undergo permanent testing protocoles (strength testing, UV material resistance, “automobile” safety-rig trials.
Fornells is the only plastic rail manufacturer to protect its technologies each year by dozens of international patents.

For further details on our products, please contact one of our engineers.

Phone : +33 (0)1 64 08 05 16 - Fax : +33 (0)1 64 08 27 73 - mail : information@fornells.com