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France, England, Ireland, USA, Australia, Morocco, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and much more.

The Fornells team work hard to satisfy and build confidence with all the key stakeholders. For instance Fornells has a thousand projects carried out over 40 years. We know that our clients are long-standing organisations looking for long-term satisfaction. And they turn to us time after time for maintenance, upgrades and improvements.

What makes Fornells a unique international supplier ? Because Fornells has a fully integrated production and an R&D department ready to customise products. In addition Fornells has a team of experienced and world-travelled engineers as well as an International Shipping department.

In other words, providing services all along the supply chain is key to Fornells success. Fornells is satisfying clients all over the world with the safest and best value racecourse equipment for over 40 years.

Since then Fornells satisfied more than a thousand racecourses and equestrian customers on all continents.


Design office, Engineers, Factory, international logistic department, Highly qualified technicians.

International project expertise:
Above all, Fornells have experience for providing equipments to horse racetracks, training tracks or equestrian facilities. It constantly benefits new projects around the globe. For instance, major Group 1 Racecourses in France, USA, UK, Middle East, Asia and Australia place their confidence in Fornells.

1- Advice & Design:
Firstly, Fornells fully qualified engineers are the person to contact at every stage of your project. With a database of more than a thousand installations our team is able to recommend the most appropriate products. Pleas ask for Starting gates, PVC rails, Crowd barriers, PVC fence and equipment installation fulfilling any specific requirement.

2- Shipping & Handling:
According to the delivery route, Fornells’ logistic department will ensure to pack all the vehicles with optimum efficiency. With an international customs terminal on the factory doorstep, we ensure to transmit the paperwork accordingly.

3- Installation & After Sales:
Finally, Installation & After Sales Fornells provides customised services. Fornells supplies installation, maintenance services and support according to the choice of the client. The self-installation instructions and the design of the products make your life easy. But in many cases clients will choose to receive some assistance.

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